"having the power to transform." 


Great leaders train, and they train HARD. 

We are more than a coaching company.


We are MPWR.  A team of you-focused, data-driven,  coach-led leader developers. 


We do it differently - by focusing on your performance data, building trust, holding you accountable to very high expectations and testing you with pressure.


We have trained, and trained hard for 15 years building high performing teams that win. NOW, we will share our leadership development strategies with YOU.


Successfully inspiring over 2,500+ leaders, we have the formula that will change your life. If you want to work hard, lean in, challenge yourself, then we are your team.

We push you. We push you hard and we help YOU unlock your potential


MPWR catalyzes powerful transformations in YOU.

MPWR does 3 things exceptionally well - #1:  We build self-aware leaders.

Your leadership must begin with knowing you.

Self-awareness is a meta-competency. The most important foundational element of your leadership style. 


Knowing your strengths, values, blindspots and most importantly, what makes your heart sing are the keys to happiness, joy & your success as a leader. 


Most people want to work with a leader filled with happiness and joy.


We will inspire you to be the best version of yourself through a POWERFUL and unique combination of:

  • Performance data insights.

  • Illuminating  clarity  from your coach.

  • Clear, impactful communication with you and with others.

  • Increased pressure and  high expectations of performance.

Science confirms that the best leaders have a high level of self-awareness.


We are your team. We will help you get there. 


TRUST in Teams. 


Leaders are learners.


They constantly push themselves to learn more. This is why data is incredibly powerful and interesting. You learn SO much about yourself. AND when you lead and you know your players well, you win together because data helps you become connected. 

Understanding each other is a key to building teams that perform well.


The #2 thing MPWR does really, really well - build self-aware leaders and high performance teams by understanding your performance data.

We only use one performance tool. TAIS. Created by a top sports psychologist


It is scientifically validated and it is THE best tool we have ever seen. It was developed to help coaches understand the athlete and accelerate their athletes performance.


We love it because of one thing: clarity. The clarity that the data provides is illuminating. Refreshing. Captivating. Teams on the field or in the office, in one word it is truly TRANSFORMATIVE.

This is the ONLY tool used by Navy SEALs and by our National & Olympic Teams. You will see why.


 Clarity helps you win as a leader.

TRUST in Teams. 

Speak like a Leader

Think about it.


Has anyone ever taught you how to TALK like a leader? Taught you how to speak in a way that are inspiring to others? How many times do you say 'I think' "umm, ahh, so, you know and like"?

Who has ever taken the time to teach you HOW to speak well?


We have found huge gaps in leadership communication efforts and styles - specifically with how leaders provide feedback. These gaps prevent connection. 

The 3rd thing MPWR does really, really well is we challenge you/teach you/ inspire you to learn how to speak like a leader. A leader everyone wants to follow.  

For communication, we focus on 3 things:

  1. ​White space. Pause, instead of um's and ah's. Powerful in itself.

  2. Vernacular. We challenge leaders to eliminate words like employees, staff, subordinates..

  3. Feedback. Our sweet spot. We are feedback experts, we teach you to deliver forward moving feedback. The results are astonishing. AND immediate.

We teach you how to personalize communication to each person on your team. To personalize, you must first SEE the person on the team. This is why clarity from the data is so powerful.

Connect by PERSONALIZING how your speak with each person on your team.


It all BEGINS with feedback. 


Feedback creates the habit of learning and an open mindset.

Openness, honesty and transparency cements TRUST.

Trust is the foundation of teams. 

Teams are the foundational building blocks of your organization. 


Data, Coaching and Communication are the critical components to connecting teams.


Our Sweet Spot





Teams of 





" A coach is someone who tells you what you don't want to hear, who has you see what you don't want to see, so you can be who you have always known you could be"

Tom Landry

"Nancy, your work is unequivocally, without a doubt, the BEST coach development sessions we have had at the Academy"


Anthony Capotosto, Toronto FC Academy Director, 2019