"In 1 hour, Nancy moves you forward. She will inspire you to get up, get moving and commit to change. She inspires you to lean into yourself and ask yourself what DOES make my heart sing? Then she inspires you lean over to your teammate and ask and really listen."

Who ARE You?

Nancy takes you on a personalized journey focused on discovery of you. A story telling journey that knocks you off your feet, makes you think and leaves you wanting more. Interspersed with riveting personal stories of defeat and victory with science of the brain and data woven throughout, this is one you do not want to miss.
Like any team, this keynote is a collaboration. A collaboration with another top performer. It is as excited and entertaining and powerful as when you hear Ozzy and Post Malone together. 
These 11 Habits will inspire you to get up and get going. Start connecting to the people you work with and learn with.
Teams are communities. Communities thrive with connection. This keynote delivers just that. Connection that will change your life. 

11 Habits of Champion Teams

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